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Welcome to Web eRODS

The Electronic Record of Duty Status (eRODS) software is used by safety officials to locate, open, and review output files transferred from a compliant ELD.

If you have an ELD file, you may use the web-based version of eRODS (Web eRODS) below to see how the ELD file appears to safety officials in eRODS. Web eRODS does not display potential hours of service violations unless the user is a logged-in safety official.

You may also download the desktop version of eRODS (Desktop eRODS) to your computer. If you have an ELD file, you may use Desktop eRODS to see how the eRODS software identifies and displays potential hours of service violations.

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Click on “Browse” to select the ELD file you want to open and click “View ELD File.”

Safety officials: Log in to make sure you see the enforcement view of the ELD files. Logging in also allows you to search for ELD files in the eRODS Web Service.

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*The publicly available Web eRODS and Desktop eRODS are intended for informational and educational purposes only. Certain enforcement-only features are not available to the public in Web eRODS and Desktop eRODS, such as the ability to connect to and search the Web Service. The eRODS software identifies only potential violations for further review by safety officials. Motor carriers and drivers remain responsible for ensuring their compliance with the hours of service rules in 49 CFR part 395. The information provided by using Web eRODS and Desktop eRODS is not a communication from FMCSA, guidance, advisory opinion, pre-enforcement ruling, or other interpretation or application of law. Use of Web eRODS and Desktop eRODS does not preclude enforcement or other actions by FMCSA and its State partners based on violations discovered during inspections, compliance reviews, or other investigations.

How to Read the Web eRODS Display

ELD files are presented in Web eRODS in a format very similar to paper logs. For assistance in viewing this information, click below to take the online tour.

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Enforcement View

Safety officials must log in using their Portal credentials to access all enforcement features, including searching for a file in the eRODS Web Service.

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