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Phase 2: Phased-In Compliance

The current phase of the ELD Implementation plan began December 18, 2017, and runs through December 16, 2019. During this phase, motor carriers and drivers subject to the ELD rule must use ELDs or grandfathered AOBRDs.

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About the ELD Rule

FMCSA has released regulatory guidance to provide clarity on the use of the rule to provide flexibility for the industry while maintaining safety.

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Log in below to access resources created specifically for FMCSA field staff and State Partners, including field trainings, policy guidance, and more.

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Reviewing Electronic Logs

Safety officials use eRODS to review HOS data sent by ELDs. A web-based version is now available, log in to access the enforcement view.

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ELDs and eRODS: Improving Safety Through Technology

ELDs offer a more cost-effective way to comply with critical Hours-of-Service regulations. eRODS is designed with the safety official in mind to improve the accuracy of HOS data and present it in a consistent, easy-to-read format.

Watch the ELD Data Transfer Video

FMCSA has created this video as resource for anyone who has been trained on the Web Services and USB data transfer methods and is looking for a quick refresher.

Access the ELD Field Resource Center

FMCSA is committed to providing safety officials with the information and resources needed to enforce the ELD rule. Log into the ELD Field Resource Center to:

  • Access training materials
  • Review policy document
  • Read the latest ELD updates from FMCSA Headquarters
  • Download factsheets, job aids, and more
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