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FMCSA provides answers to frequently asked questions about ELDs. Consult these FAQs when you have an ELD-related question, as the answer may already be at your fingertips.

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A motor carrier must either explain why the time is unassigned or assign the time to the appropriate driver. The motor carrier must retain unidentified driving records for at least six months as a part of its hours-of-service (HOS) ELD records and make them available to authorized safety officials.

Last Updated : April 03, 2017

Yes, a driver can be assigned unidentified driver records recorded under the Unidentified Driver profile and indicate a special driving category. However, an ELD must not allow automatically recorded driving time for a driver to be shortened or altered in any way.

Last Updated : December 19, 2018

Yes, a driver can edit their record after erroneously accepting a driving event that was originally recorded under the Unidentified Driver profile. The ELD must prompt the driver to annotate edits. In addition, the carrier can suggest the edit which can be routed to the driver for confirmation.

Last Updated : December 19, 2018

Yes. An ELD must monitor its compliance with the ELD technical requirements and detect malfunctions and data inconsistencies related to power, data synchronization, missing data, timing, positioning, data recording, data transfer, and unidentified driver records requirements. The ELD output will identify these data diagnostic and malfunction events and their status as either "detected" or "cleared." Typically, a driver can follow the ELD provider's and the motor carrier's recommendations to resolve the data inconsistencies that generate an ELD data diagnostic event, while a motor carrier must correct a malfunction.

Last Updated : April 18, 2017

An "unidentified driving records data diagnostic event" occurs when more than 30 minutes of driving time for an unidentified driver is recorded within a 24-hour period.

Last Updated : April 18, 2017

Yes. Section, requires the inspected driver’s profile and the unidentified driver profile to be available as separate reports at roadside either by printout or display. If there are no unidentified driver records existing on the ELD for the current 24-hour period or for any of the previous 7 consecutive days, an ELD does not need to print or display unidentified driver records for the authorized safety official. Otherwise, both reports must be printed or displayed and provided to the authorized safety official.

Last Updated : July 12, 2017