Final Web Services endpoints also available

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Web Services Now Available for Testing

Final Web Services endpoints and sample identification values also available in ELD Provider Portal

Test your device’s ability to transfer ELD data files via Web Services

You can now verify successful submission of your ELD data files via Web Services. You can also utilize this to test data transfer using your Bluetooth® device to connect to Web Services. Instructions for testing are included in the ELD Interface Control Document and Web Services Development Handbook, available in the ELD Provider Portal.

Download the Updated WSDL File

The ELD Web Services WSDL/XSD file has been updated to include the final Web Services endpoints. These endpoints are required to test the Web Services and Bluetooth data transfer methods. Login to the ELD Provider Portal to access the updated file.

Test certificates, ELD identifier, and ELD Registration IDs now available

Sample certificates and identification values are available for testing purposes in the ELD Provider Portal. If you already have a device on FMCSA’s list of self-certified devices that has a valid provider certificate on file with FMCSA, you may use your ELD’s certificate, ELD Identifier, and ELD Registration ID during your test procedures.

The ELD Provider Portal has the information you need to produce compliant ELDs
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Q&A: FMCSA addresses your technical questions

What is the purpose of the authentication value?

The purpose of the field is to confirm that a specific file came from a specific ELD in a specific vehicle.

More questions are answered in the updated ELD Technical Specification Frequently Asked Questions. These questions and answers are intended to assist ELD providers in creating ELDs that comply with the ELD rule.

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