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Updated Tech Specs and New FAQs

Important information to help ELD providers stay compliant with the ELD rule

Reminder: ELDs and Public Keys

As previously communicated, submitting certificates containing provider public keys is a required step in ELD registration. These public keys are required by the ELD rule and are necessary for vital ELD functions, including both data transfer options. Because of the importance of this certificate to satisfy the minimum technical requirements of an ELD, devices that do not have a valid public key on file will be subject to removal from the list of self-certified ELDs by FMCSA.

Technical Specifications Update: ELD Authentication Value

FMCSA has released updated information regarding generating an authentication value. This change was made to allow ELD providers more flexibility in generating a value that meets the requirements in the Final Rule.

As of September 15, 2017, the required length of an authentication value is now 16 or more characters. Please review your submitted authentication value algorithm to ensure compliance with the revised technical specifications. For more information, please see the revised ELD Interface Control Document and Web Services Development Handbook (see below).

Revised ICD now available

An updated version of the ELD Interface Control Document and Web Services Development Handbook is now available in the ELD Provider Portal. Updates include:

  • New allowed certificate hashing algorithms and associated key lengths
  • Addition of several new possible error values to Table 4 2. Validation Messages?Descriptions
  • Revision to the requirements—including length—of the ELD Authentication Value
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Q&A: FMCSA addresses your technical questions

Can an ELD connect to the ECM in a manner that relies on internet connectivity?

Yes, however the driver’s records of duty status must always be available. Therefore, if the driver is unable to access their records of duty status for a period of time due to operating in an area that has limited coverage, the driver would be considered operating without logs for that time.

This question and more are answered in the updated ELD Technical Specification Frequently Asked Questions, now available. These questions and answers are intended to assist ELD providers in creating ELDs that comply with the ELD rule

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