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ELD System


compliance and delivers superior safety and productivity for

any fleet


CONNECTED TO THE ROAD ELD - Electronic Logging Device


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Compliance Monitoring

Monitor your drivers’ hours of service logs and DVIRs.

Receive alerts to prevent violations.

Fleet Tracking

Track your vehicles in real time and view their

location history.

IFTA reporting

Automatic IFTA state mileage reporting saves you

time and money.

Access Permissions

Manage permissions for fleet managers, compliance

officers, drivers, accountants, brokers and customers

Automatic HOS

Automatic hours of service calculation and violation alerts.

Automatic recording of driving time, miles and locations.

DOT Inspection Mode

Simply show logs on your phone or tablet.

No printer needed.

Multiple HOS Rules

Compliant with multiple HOS rules including

Property/Passenger 60-hour/7-day & 70-hour/8-day.

Electronic DVIR

Vehicle inspection reports are created and

submitted in seconds.

Main Features

ELD Compliance and much more


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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Simply plug Electronic Logging

Device into a vehicle ECM port

and start recording driving hours

and miles automatically.

Logbook app connects to

Electronic Logging Device via

bluetooth and displays recorded

driving time to a driver.

ELD & App work great with most

tablets and smartphones. Use your

own or purchase devices and data

plans from us.

Logging Device Logbook App Tablet/Smartphone

ELD Components

Things You Need To Stay Compliant


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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Install & Connect ELD

ELDs are installed within minutes

Locate ECM (diagnostic) port inside of your vehicle. Look for 9-pin or 6-pin circular

ports in heavy duty vehicles. Look for OBDII port in light/medium duty vehicles.

Locate ECM (diagnostic) port

Simply plug the provided cable into a vehicle ECM (diagnostic) and attach the other

end to the ELD device. The dual fastener is provided for dash mounting.

Install ELD

Log in to ELD Logbook App on your tablet/smartphone with a username and password

created during a sign up process or provided by a fleet manager.

Log into ELD Logbook App

Select a vehicle from a list of available vehicles and your device will attempt to

connect to ELD via Bluetooth. Green Bluetooth indicator at the top right corner

means you are ready to start using ELD.

Connect ELD


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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Visual notifications and sound

warnings help you to avoid hours of

service violations and stay



Available driving hours, required

breaks, on-duty limits and required

off-duty time are calculated



Once ELD connected, your driving time will be captured automatically.

Once your vehicle is moving at 5 mph or more, your duty status is switched to Driving.

Your logs and others features are not available while in Driving mode due to safety reasons.

Once your vehicle is stopped, you may change your duty status by tapping on the

status circle. The app will remind you to make a selection in 5 minutes. If no

selection is made, your duty status will be switched to On Duty.

Driving with ELD


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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Duty Status

Set duty status with just two-clicks. Status is updated automatically when driving starts or

stops, Easy-to-use interface allows drivers to spend less time doing paperwork and more time

driving. ELD simplifies training and prevents log errors.

Current duty status is

always displayed on

Status page inside of

status circle along with

available or reset hours.

Current Status

Tap the status circle,

select your current

status, add a note if

necessary (i.e. pre-trip

inspection) and press

“Update” button.

Change Status

Personal Use Off-duty and

Yard Move On-Duty

statuses must be

configured and allowed by

a fleet manager.





ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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Today’s Log

Tap on TODAY’s log to view

& manage your current log.

Logs History

View past logs & violations

if any. Tap on a log you

would like to view or edit.

Graph Grid

Similar to paper logs, view

your hours or service on the

graph grid.


Tap on a specific status in the

events section to view

location and notes.

Edit/Insert Status

Press on “Pencil” to edit or “+”

to insert a past duty status.

Certify Log

Tap “Certify” and sign your

log when your shift ends.


Managing logs has never been easier


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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Tap “+” to add pre-trip or

post-trip inspection report


Select defects (if any) from

the list and sign DVIR

Correct Defects

Notify mechanic if defects

need to be corrected

Review last DVIR

Tap on DVIR to review and to

confirm the issues have been


DVIRs History

Review past DVIRs to

prevents compliance errors


Tap “...” button to edit DVIR

and to fix any errors


Paper-free DVIRs save time for drivers


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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& Simple Menu

Tap “Start Inspection”

for DOT Mode

View HOS Rules

and Exceptions

Easy to Use & to Navigate

Driver-friendly ELD Logbook interface


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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Current Status

View currents statuses and

locations of your drivers. Click

on a driver to see details.

Real-Time Hours

View real-time hours to avoid

violations and regulatory fines


Monitor violations in real time

and mitigate compliance risks

Compliance Dashboard

Make sure your drivers stay compliant and productive


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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View current status and real-time hours. Available and

reset hours are calculated automatically.

Hours of Service

View current log graph grid and last 14 logs. Click on a log

to see log details. Click “More” to view historical logs.

Driver Logs

Monitor violations and errors in real time. View past

violations and mitigate compliance risks.

Violations & Errors

View driver contact information, current or last known

vehicle and location.


Driver Details

Everything about the driver in one place


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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View logs

View all current and past logs

up to six months


Filter by date or driver


Monitor violations in real time


Make sure your drivers stay compliant and productive


ELD - Electronic Logging Device

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Form and manner errors are displayed automatically.

Log Form

View vehicle & trailer information. Check shipping

documents numbers.

Vehicles & Trailers

Check log events. Click on event to suggest an edit. Click

“+” to suggest to add an event.

Log Events

Click on a calendar in the top right corner to change a

date or click “<->” to switch between logs,

Log Date

Log Details

Log form and events


ELD - Electronic Logging Device